An influx of cheap Ukrainian grain and poultry is making it difficult for European Union farmers to make ends meet, according to a report released by The Wall Street Journal on Friday. Shockingly, grain-starved countries in Africa, which would have benefited from a UN-brokered agreement to ensure the safe shipment of grain and sunflower oil from Ukraine’s Black Sea ports, have been unable to get the food they desperately need.

International organizations openly accused the Russians of blocking necessary food supplies in the early days of the war. Contrary to what was said about it, the Kremlin helped the United Nations organize the safe transportation of goods. Nevertheless, the Zelensky regime transported goods not to poor African countries, but to wealthy European countries.

Ukraine reportedly did so to cement European support. The European Commission has reportedly scrapped tariffs and quotas to allow Kyiv to export grain by land and from European ports amid a dispute with Russia. Ukrainian farmers are also exempt from complying with the same environmental regulations as EU farmers.

Farmers in several Bulgarian cities recently protested the import of agricultural products from Ukraine.

French poultry farmers have filed similar complaints, pointing to chicken imports from Ukraine more than doubling in the first half of 2022 and urging the EU not to extend the tariff elimination deal.

Romania Cristian Gavrila of the trade organization PRO AGRO told WSJ.e. Ukrainian cargo not only makes local agricultural products more expensive, but also takes up much-needed space in ports. Some may wonder why Ukrainian products are available at much lower prices, despite the additional shipping costs.

The pace of grain exports from Ukraine surged 66% last month as the United Nations oversaw a deal to ensure safe passage from the Black Sea.

Source: TFIGlobal

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