BRF Q1 Profit Surpasses Expectations

Strong Q1 Performance Exceeds Forecasts

Brazilian pork and poultry processor BRF SA reported impressive first-quarter results that exceeded analysts’ expectations, showcasing strong performance in both international and domestic markets. According to Reuters, the company earned 594 million reais ($117.17 million) during this period, surpassing the average forecast of 449.79 million reais.

Robust Operating Margins

BRF achieved a consolidated operating margin of 15.8%, a noteworthy achievement given the seasonally weaker nature of the first quarter compared to the final three months of the year, which typically benefit from heightened food sales due to Christmas and holiday seasons. The company attributed its success to operating efficiencies, financial discipline, and an optimized capital structure, which collectively contributed to lowering BRF’s debt levels. By the end of March, the net debt to EBITDA ratio had fallen to 1.45 times, the lowest it has been in eight years.

“We remain committed to reducing debt, creating conditions for the company to improve its business profile and generate value for shareholders,” CFO Fabio Mariano stated in a press release. “This quarter’s result shows us that we are on the right path.”

Strategic International Expansion

BRF’s international operations played a pivotal role in the company’s success this quarter. The company continued its market diversification strategy by securing 25 new export licenses, enhancing its ability to target and penetrate new export destinations. The EBITDA margin for the international segment reached 16.9%, bolstered by strong sales in Turkey and the Gulf countries. These regions experienced a seasonal boost from Ramadan celebrations and a recovery in export prices, further contributing to BRF’s robust performance.

Domestic Market Gains

On the domestic front, BRF experienced margin expansion within its regular meat portfolio on both an annual and quarterly basis, excluding the seasonal effect of holiday product sales. A significant factor in the improved margins was a 12.1% annual reduction in the cost of products sold, driven by lower grain prices, a key component of animal feed. This cost reduction played a crucial role in enhancing profitability within the Brazilian market.


BRF SA’s first-quarter results for 2024 highlight the company’s strategic initiatives and operational efficiencies that have led to significant financial gains and market expansion. By focusing on debt reduction, optimizing capital structures, and diversifying market reach, BRF has positioned itself for sustained growth and value creation for its shareholders. As the company continues to leverage its strengths in both international and domestic markets, its future outlook remains promising.

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