Wales has registered its first bird flu case in six months.

Wales’ Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Gavin Watkins, has confirmed the presence of a highly virulent H5N1 strain of avian influenza at a facility near Arthog in Gwynedd, North Wales. This is the first bird flu case in six months.

Restrictions were put in place around the infected facility, including a 3km protected zone and a 10km surveillance zone. Within these zones, movement and gathering of birds is restricted and all property holding birds must be declared.

“The sixth bird flu outbreak in Wales in the last 12 months is alarming and a testament to the ongoing risks to our birds there.” Watkins.

The latest cases of bird flu recorded in Wales occurred at his two facilities in Montgomeryshire in February.

Dr. Watkins urged poultry farmers and bird keepers to review their biosecurity measures in place over the fall and winter.

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Source: Farmers Weekly UK

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