170 birds were at the market where chickens, ducks and guineas tested positive at a New York live bird market in Queens. The public call for a ban on these markets. US Thanksgiving turkey shortage due to bird flu drives prices up 20%.

A commercial broiler farm in Bledsoe County is the latest case of highly pathogenic avian influenza reported in the United States. The infection was confirmed on November 15, with 20,900 birds affected. Avian flu outbreaks have been reported in poultry in six states over the past week. This is Tennessee’s first case and bird flu has now infected 26 states in 2022.

The Island of Jersey poultry industry in disarray due to rising input costs and bird flu related shortage. 60% of the eggs sold in the Island’s supermarkets were imported from the UK.

Belarus have decided to ban poultry exports in a bid to curb food inflation and have “frozen prices” domestically. Russian is expected to be mostly affected.

Peru reports its first outbreak of bird flu.

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Bird flu continues to spread relentlessly throughout India for the past years, with no end in sight. More reports from Kerala reducing its duck population by 98%.

Northamptonshire, UK, reports another case of bird flu. A 3km protection zone and a 10kg surveillance zone issued. Check the updated bird flu disease control zone map. More than 30 birds have died at two central London parks amid a growing outbreak of avian flu. English breakfasts and traditional Christmas dinners could be off the menu as avian flu prompts fears of egg and turkey shortages.

British shoppers looking for eggs have been met with empty shelves as the United Kingdom’s “largest ever” outbreak of bird flu and rising costs have placed pressure on egg supplies across the country.

France is still on “high” alert, forcing poultry farms to keep birds indoors to contain the spread, after seeing its worst-ever wave of the disease, with about 22 million birds culled.

The Berlin Zoo shut its doors to visitors Friday after one of its aquatic birds tested positive for avian flu.

A black bear cub in southeast Alaska was euthanized after it became ill with avian influenza.

Spain recently reports two cases.

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