Product Launch:

  • Beyond Meat Inc. expands its Beyond IV product line with the fourth generation Beyond Sausage, following the launch of its fourth generation Beyond Burger and Beyond Beef products in February.

Product Features:

  • The reformulated Beyond Sausage offers enhanced flavor and a texture that closely resembles animal-sourced meat.
  • Made with avocado oil, the new Beyond Sausage boasts a 66% reduction in saturated fat compared to its previous version and provides 17 grams of protein per serving.


  • Beyond Sausage is available in two flavors: Beyond Sausage Brat Original and Hot Italian. The Hot Italian variant is set to launch later this summer.

Usage and Recommendation:

  • According to Diana Stavaridis, senior culinary manager at Beyond Meat, the new Beyond Sausage is versatile and perfect for summer gatherings. It can be used in classic dishes like sausage, peppers, and onions, or as a protein topping for pastas, salads, and more. The sausages grill and sear well due to the addition of avocado oil.

Financial Performance:

  • In its most recent quarterly earnings report, Beyond Meat reported a loss of $54.4 million, slightly better than the previous year’s loss of $59 million.
  • Quarterly sales fell 18% to $75.6 million from $92.2 million the year before.

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