Arla Foods has announced the expansion of its FarmAhead Customer Partnership programme to Denmark, bringing its 200 million kg fresh milk pool in Danish retail and foodservice under the initiative. Originally launched in the UK in 2023 under the name Customer Sustainability Programme, the initiative aims to strengthen partnerships with customers in retail and foodservice by involving them in sustainability initiatives on Arla’s owners’ farms.

Enabling Customer Sustainability

The FarmAhead programme allows customers to partner on sustainability initiatives and gain access to data that can be used in their own Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting. By participating, customers can support their scope 3 climate goals and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of dairy products.

Positive Customer Response

Peter Giørtz-Carlsen, executive vice president and COO at Arla Foods, highlighted the positive response from customers, indicating a strong interest in sustainability. He stated, “With such momentum, we are now launching our FarmAhead Customer Partnership programme across Arla’s further core European markets during 2024.”

Collaboration for Climate Action

Through the FarmAhead programme, Arla aims to unite customers with its farmer owners to build knowledge, reduce carbon footprint, and increase biodiversity. By sharing extensive data with customers, Arla supports their climate action and ESG reporting needs, fostering a collaborative approach to sustainability.

Consolidating Sustainability Efforts

Arla has also announced the consolidation of its sustainability work under the name FarmAhead Technology. This includes FarmAhead Check, which calculates the specific climate footprint per kg of milk produced, based on data uploaded by Arla’s farmer owners. Additionally, FarmAhead Incentive rewards farmers for activities that reduce climate impact and protect biodiversity, offering a premium of 0.03 EUR cent per kg of milk for each obtained point.

Future Focus on Innovation

Under FarmAhead Innovation, Arla will focus on exploring new technologies and refining data integration for its sustainability initiatives. This ongoing effort reflects Arla’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in its sustainability practices.

Conclusion: A Commitment to Sustainable Partnerships

Arla’s expansion of the FarmAhead Customer Partnership programme to Denmark underscores its commitment to sustainable partnerships and environmental stewardship. By engaging customers in sustainability initiatives and providing access to data-driven solutions, Arla aims to drive positive change in the dairy industry and contribute to a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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