The number of pig farmers in Poland is declining at an alarming rate. The situation is similar to African swine fever (ASF) across Europe, where rising costs are collapsing pig production capacity.

Even with some improvement in the ASF situation, the negative trend could not be reversed. Adverse Effects of ASF The Polish Veterinary Service has recorded 124 cases of his ASF in 2021. At the beginning of October, this number dropped to 13 occurrences. However, ASF continues to have a negative impact on Polish pork production. Since the beginning of the year, 86,022 pigs have been culled due to ASF outbreaks.

Some farmers are continuing to operate in order to fulfill the promises made under the state subsidy programme. Meanwhile, most farms with less than 400 to 500 pigs are losing money due to increased production and logistics costs.

This could lead to a shortage in Europe. Except for Spain, pig production is declining and supplies are limited. This situation could lead to a shortage of pork on store shelves and a consequent increase in prices.

The Chamber of Agriculture also expressed concern about tariff hikes related to veterinary controls, which are estimated to have increased costs nearly tenfold due to new rules that went into effect last month.

Source: Pig Process

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