Prolific Machines raises $42 million from Mayfield’s Breakthrough to reduce cost of cultivated meat

US-based biotech startup Prolific Machines has emerged from stealth mode and invested $42 million into a “heavily oversubscribed” seed and Series A round. “We plan to reduce the cost of cultivated meat production through biotechnology and machine learning techniques.” The seed round was led by Mayfield’s Arvind Gupta, with Breakthrough Energy Ventures leading the series A round. The funds will be used to build new manufacturing facilities and advance Prolific Machines assembly line technology.

Lab-grown meat producers often complain about the high cost of producing their products. From bioreactors to proteins for growth media, much of the technology required for manufacturing has its origins in biopharmaceuticals and was not originally intended at the scale needed to keep the world’s diet away from animal protein.

“Recombinant proteins required for cell production are typically one of the most expensive components of cultivated meat production.” Prolific Machines co-founder and CEO Deniz Kent told TechCrunch. Kent’s company has found a way to grow control cells without the need for recombinant proteins. In theory, at least, this would enable large-scale cell production, allowing cultured meat to compete equally with factory farming.

The company, which graduated from SOSV’s IndieBio program, compared it to Henry Ford’s car business in the early 20th century. “In 1906 there were hundreds of car companies, but most people couldn’t afford cars. After Ford invented the car assembly line, car production became scalable and cars became a mass-market product. Prolific invents the key technology for building scalable biological manufacturing lines. “

In the future, the company plans to manufacture its own meat products and license its technology to other meat companies.

Prolific Machines actually started its Series A about a year ago, but it has just come out of obscurity. The funds will be used to build his 25,000-square-foot headquarters in Emeryville, California for expansion of the hiring and assembly line programs.

In the first quarter of 2023, he expects to raise around $170 million in Series B funding.

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Source: AGfundernews

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