2 Sisters Food Group has now moved more than 20% of its production, amounting to around a million birds a week, to the better welfare requirements set out withinside the Better Chicken Commitment.

The Group’s chicken operations presently approaches extra than 10.5m chickens each week withinside the UK and Europe.

The Better Chicken Commitment (BCC) was created through animal welfare NGOs in 2019 – is a fixed of six standards that want to be met through 2026.

These include:

Compliance with all EU animal welfare legal guidelines and guidelines

Not exceeding a stocking density of extra than 30kg consistent with m2 – that is 30% extra room than ‘standard’ protocols.

Giving chickens extra room to roam.

Use better welfare breeds of chickens which might be grown extra slowly.

Provide an enriched surroundings for the birds in barns Birds need to be slaughtered the use of humane techniques.

All agencies need to be third-party audited everyday.

“This is awesome information and a testimony to all of the tough paintings our farmers, processing operations and business groups are placing in,” stated Ronald Kers, 2 Sisters’ leader executive. “We need all our chickens to have as happy lives as possible. We’ve listened very intently to our clients, who informed us that they need extra alternatives with regards to better welfare fowl as nicely. “We’ll continually produce the overall variety of products, starting from organic, unfastened variety to conventional birds, however because the years pass through, increasingly more humans are inquiring for better welfare birds which might be nevertheless competitively priced, and that is what we are proud to supply to assist feed the nation.”

The chicken operation’s agricultural crew had been charged for enforcing the rollout to better welfare techniques, which commenced more than years ago throughout the property of 60 better welfare farms withinside the UK and 177 in Europe.

Agricultural Director Nick Davies stated: “This is one in all the largest generational adjustments for a product provide I can think about in my career. I’m very proud to steer the agriculture crew right here at 2 Sisters to make all this happen, however it is also all the way down to the breeders, planners, farmers, processing sites and business groups for it to be delivered.

“It’s also fantastic that our customers have supported us through this journey and are now delivering ranges in partnership to their consumers that the now met the latest higher welfare, slower grown commitments, well ahead of when they’ve been asked to be implemented.”

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Source: 2 Sister

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