Here’s the Good Food Institute argument:

  1. It uses the example of cacao beans, which are separated into cocoa butter—a product high in saturated fats— and cocoa powder, a product rich in healthy flavanols that can be used healthily on its own.
  2. Compared with conventional beef burgers and chicken nuggets, popular plant-based options including those from Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have fewer calories and fewer grams of fat per serving. 
  3. The plant-based burgers contain several grams of fiber while the beef burger contains zero. 
  4. Plant-based burgers are significantly higher in sodium than conventional beef burgers, though, with some containing more than 400 percent more sodium than beef, but thats “pre-preparation”. For example, the Impossible Whopper contains only ten percent more sodium than the traditional Whopper.
  5. Plant-based meats can be a better choice because they have more fiber, less fat, and fewer calories than what people may otherwise eat.
  6. Published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, male athletes saw double their muscle growth rates after consuming Quorn’s mycoprotein when compared with milk consumption.
  7.  Plant-based meat can help to reduce cardiovascular disease risk factors, as well as support gut health and a healthy weight.
  8. Plant-based meat may also help to reduce the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. According to GFI, 70 percent of the U.S. supply of medically important antibiotics is used for animal agriculture. 
  9. Due to the end-to-end process control, alternative proteins have orders of magnitude less bacterial contamination, which reduces the risk of foodborne illness.

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Bonus benefit

10. While there are also narratives pushing the benefits of cattle grazing and other free-range animal products in slowing climate change and promoting soil health, GFI says that’s not the case when more than 99 percent of animal products come from factory farms.

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